Greenfield Family History, Eaglesham Alberta

Coming Home

Frank and Marjorie Greenfield Homecoming to the land that they loved, September 25th. 2010

Frank and Marjorie Greenfield were married in July of 1944 and arrived in the Peace Country in the spring of 1946. By 1949 they were working with the Lassiter land-clearing project as it moved from Wanham to the Eaglesham area.

Frank left his job as a Cat-skinner with O.B. Lassiter in the spring of ‘51 and they moved their little 12 X 20 cabin from Eaglesham to the farm to begin a new career as homesteaders.

Over the next 25 years they built their home and business and raised a family just five miles north of Eaglesham. These prairie flat-landers from Saskatchewan loved the boreal forest, rich fertile land and the beauty of the Peace Country.

In 1972, after their youngsters had left home, Frank had an unfortunate accident with his aircraft and nearly didn’t survive. Frank and Marjorie then relocated to the West Coast, but it was not good for Marjorie’s arthritis.

In the years that followed they moved from Victoria back to Saskatchewan and then back again to B.C. before they found their roots once more. Purchasing a home in Kelowna turned out to be a warm dry place to retire arthritic bones and still be close to family.

They spoke often of the Peace Country and the good friends and good times enjoyed on the homestead. In 1982 Marjorie succumbed to complications of emphysema and was buried in Kelowna.

In later years, Frank wanted to come back to the Peace Country but ill health prevented that from happening. In the spring of 2008, while on the Sunshine Coast, he passed away. He was 89.

Knowing their love for the Peace Country and desire to return home, we his family, were determined to bring them back to the land that they loved. Today we have that joy of bringing them back where they will rest side by side close to their beloved home.

In the early years of life, Frank, though raised by pious parents, was soured by the insensitive act of one person claiming to be a Christian. That single wrongdoing kept both Frank and Marjorie from knowing God those many long years. We know, however, that through the prayers and actions of true believing friends here and in B.C. that their damaged hearts eventually healed. Marjorie made peace with God only days before her appointment with death while Frank waited one year before his passing to surrender his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today their ashes have been brought to rest in this beautiful land but in reality they are young again and enjoying each other’s company in the fields and meadows of Gloryland.

They would not want us to weep. This is only a temporary goodbye and a momentary resting place, for we shall see them again when the roll is called up yonder.

Douglas & Margaret Greenfield