Greenfield Family History, Eaglesham Alberta

The Life & Times of Frank & Marjorie Greenfield in Photos

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Marjorie, daughter Sylvia and Frank

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Frank & Marjorie enjoying a meal with the Barnhardt family.
Marj, Frank, Sylvia, Johnny and Norman in the Barnhardt family kitchen.

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Sylvia's daughter Audrey, Grandpa Frank, Sylvia & Chad

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Frank Greenfield 1919 - 2008

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Frank & Doug on a trip to Alaska

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Old flying friends, Bruce Grant, Lester Web and Frank Greenfield

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Frank's 85th. Birthday with Sister Dorothy and husband Doug Cameron

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Bruce Grant and Frank, old friends telling Air Force Stories

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Frank presenting Maggie with a new car

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Marjorie & Frank with Sylvia and the Louttit Family

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Frank & Marj in Kelowna with grandchildren Debbie and Julie

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Frank Greenfield retired in Gibsons BC on the Sunshine Coast

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Frank on his quad at age 80

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At mile 0 on the Alaska Highway starting out on an Alaska adventure

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With Beth Earl on the Earl farm at Blueberry Mountain Alberta

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With Denis & Rilla at Govan Saskatchewan

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Frank with brother Vern, sister Dorothy Cameron at Vern Greenfield's home in North Vancouver

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Bruce & Jean Grant with Frank on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

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Father & I (Doug) at home on the Sunshine Coast